September 12, 2018

Digital Agency


Digital strategy

We consider what tool is the most suitable for meeting the given objective, and we design and carry out the strategy accordingly. There is no Plan B. We are present all along. While it is not enough to be present, it should happen in a well-thought way. Therefore, we establish which digital platforms require presence, and how.

Content strategy and native content production

Meeting demands, we establish the strategy and the content matching the message, with the prime aim of making it look natural on the surface of the publication, and ensuring good conversion for the search engine optimization (SEO) friendly content.


Be it any kind of campaign, we monitor its efficiency, and after analyzing the results, we recommend optimization solutions

PPC campaign management

The importance of browser marketing is undisputable as a significant part of visitors usually arrive from Google. Therefore a well-chosen PPC campaign strategy is important, with Google as one of the key strikes, but Facebook Ads also has a high rank.

Facebook/social media management

No company can operate successfully today without presence in the social media. Users will first search for the company, product or service in Google, and then in Facebook. If they do not find it, or find it displeasing, that can be irreversibly detrimental to the brand. That is why properly run social media presence is essential. The most important platform is Facebook. How can we help?

We establish and run Facebook pages

We produce efficient content

We continuously measure performance

We optimize content for a more efficient reach

We manage advertising