September 12, 2018

Web development



Brand site development

If a brand is not present in the net, this equals to its non-existance for clients. Today this is a trust issue. How our brand appears in the web is a core part of the brand image. It is proven that the appearance of a brand and communication on its site has a big impact on buyers. A brand site does not need to be complicated for an effect to efficiently support the brand and its sales. We can provide assistance in every stage from design to handing over the product.

Features of a good brand site are:

Clean, professional design

Transparent, unambiguous, interesting, easily apprehensible text

Google shows it high up if the proper key words are used



Web development

Be it an own site or a a personalized WordPress page, we work out the best-fitting solution within the house so as to make the performance ideal, regarding browser optimizations and UX/UI considerations.




Web design planning is one of the vital part-processes of brandsite development. It is not simply a graphic: we need to take into account several important factors so as to make the outcome

spectacular, without diverting attention from the communication goal

target-oriented, that is the key elements are in the key places

informative: visitors can easily and quickly find the information they need

it helps conversion targets

Our UI and UX experts and research team members will help you achieve that as the product will need continuous testing

Apart from company websites, our team is ready to plan and produce portal designs

We may recommend a redesign, in which we can refresh our clients’ online looks also using the existing design elements

As part of the designing process, we offer the following services:

complete web design


microsite/brandsite planning