Waves Up 23% As Malta Eyes It For Blockchain Collaboration

Our Blockchain Island is expanding rapidly following the influx of some of the world’s largest crypto exchanges. Malta is keen to embrace crypto in all forms and is currently in communication with the Waves team to get the platform accredited on the island.

This week CEO of the Russian blockchain platform Waves met with Malta’s president Joseph Muscat and representatives of the island nation’s government. The announcement added that a number of potential scenarios would be on the table for integration of the platform in the state’s government and corporate sectors.

Cooperation between the two parties in the fields of healthcare, land registry, voting and other areas was discussed. Additionally proposals to use Waves as a platform for tokenized financial instruments have been mulled at the meeting. The first step would be the accreditation of the platform for it to be deployed across the island. Waves Founder and CEO, Sasha Ivanov, stated. Read more here.

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